Our team applies innovative technology, solutions-driven thought leadership, and 75-years of business-building know-how to secure your legacy. Our experts are always here to help advise on what to buy, when to sell, how to restructure, and if it’s time to exit.

Your Future is Our Focus

We empower entrepreneurs, like you, to build scalable, profitable businesses with timely financial insights and actionable advice.


Why We Do It

Many business owners only work with a single person to manage their finances. The result is they often struggle to understand how to improve profitability or achieve the growth they desire.

We provide businesses with a whole team of accounting experts that work together to not only keep the books in order but to also provide timely data and analysis to shape long-term strategy.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Givens LLP helps business owners save time and build profitability with industry-leading accounting technology and data-driven strategies.

We provide future focused accounting solutions that help business owners grow, thrive, and leave a lasting legacy.


Our Core Values

Standing Out From The Pack

Givens LLP does not tolerate complacency, and you shouldn’t either. We operate with a fierce will and determination to provide you with the best insights and direction for your business goals. After nearly eight decades, we’ve seen governments change policies and taxation laws evolve. Nothing surprises us anymore, so nothing will surprise you.

Over the years, our Accounting Team has worked with clients in these industries:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture
  • Professional Services
  • Technology
  • and more!