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At Givens LLP, we make tax season a breeze, and your journey to stress-free tax preparation starts here. Get ready for the upcoming tax year with our team of professionals. With extensive experience in various accounting areas that focus on your success through personalized services in tax planning, audit or review of financial statements, and meticulous bookkeeping. Our FUTURE+ team will manage the numbers and advise you on how to build profitability for your business with insights where and when you need them most.

Explore our user-friendly documents checklist and taxation resources below. They’ve been carefully designed with you in mind. Simplify your financial processes and propel your business forward with Givens LLP – where your success is our priority.

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Income Tax Checklist and Fillable Forms

Please fill out the Income Tax checklist below and review the 2023 tax letter while organizing your documents. Summarize medical, donations, and relevant income/expenses as necessary. This checklist is your guide to gathering all essential documents for your tax return preparation.

The T1 Engagement Letter is below for reference purposes and will need to be signed and submitted with your personal tax documents for any new personal tax clients. All existing clients will sign this during completion of their file.

Do you have Foreign Property (real estate and/or investments) with a total cost of more than $100,000 Canadian? Please fill out the Foreign Income reporting form, and ensure you advise us of this on the checklist. Penalties for failing to file this form by April 30 are significant.

Once you've gathered all your documents and are prepared for us to start your tax returns, simply upload all the documents, along with your completed checklist and any other necessary forms, to your personalized client portal. We'll promptly start working on your file upon receiving the first document and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Note: If your portal account is used by other members of your family that do not have their own portal accounts, please ensure each family unit(couples or single returns) fill out their own checklist and applicable paperwork

In the event that you don't have an existing client portal account with us, simply fill out the checklist and relevant forms to compile your tax information. When you're ready for us to start working on your returns, email all the items to We'll help you set up your client portal and acknowledge the receipt of your tax return.

Taxation Resources

Our Taxation Resources section is your gateway to empowered financial decision-making. Explore the following resources to enhance your understanding of important taxation topics:

Frequently Asked Questions

Our turnaround time is typically 3 weeks. Please be mindful of the April 30th deadline when bringing in your return.

If we haven’t received your return by April 12, 2024 we cannot guarantee we will be able to complete your return on time.

CRA’s goal is to send your refund within 2 weeks, when you file online and are setup for Direct Deposit.

To setup for Direct Deposit follow CRA’s guidelines here -

Register for the CRA’s My Account service if you haven’t already. Sign in to your CRA My Account. The status of your tax return is displayed in the Tax returns section.

Register here by going to the using a CRA user ID and password - select CRA Register option:

See the link here for CRA’s current instructions -


  1. Pay online through your Canadian bank or credit union.
    1. Authorize CRA to take scheduled payment(s) from your Canadian bank or credit union account.
    2. Pay online directly to the CRA using CRA’s My Payment service (Credit cards not allowed).
    3. Pay through a third-party service provider (service fees apply) using credit card, debit card, paypal or Interac e-transfer. 
    4. Pay by wire transfer or internationally issued credit card (service fees apply). This payment option is for non-residents who do not have a Canadian bank account. 


Pay in person

  1. Pay at your Canadian bank or credit union by cheque or debit. You should bring your printed remittance voucher(s).
  2. Pay at Canada Post location by debit or cash. You need a quick response (QR) code to apply your payment to the correct CRA tax account. Canada Post charges a fee for their service. 


Pay by mail

  1. Mail your Canadian cheque or money order payment with your remittance voucher. Considered paid once received by the CRA (allow time for mail delivery).

You can request a change to your income tax and benefit return by amending the amount entered on specific lines of your return. Wait until you receive your notice of assessment before asking for changes to your return. A request can be made by using the Change my return service on My Account, using CRA’s ReFILE service, or mailing a T1 adjustment form. Reach out to our office if you’d like to change your tax return and we’d be happy to assist! Please note there are additional fees associated with changing your already finalized tax return, discuss with us further when inquiring.

The tax system in Canada uses marginal tax rates. This means that individuals must pay more taxes with the increase in their incomes. The taxes that individuals must pay depends on the Canada tax brackets and where they live. Let’s discuss your taxable income and look at tax saving strategies! Please note for any strategic tax planning there are additional fees associated with these services, discuss with us further when inquiring.

If you’re registered for the CRA’s online services, you can change your address by going to My Account, by using the MyCRA and MyBenefits CRA mobile web apps, or by calling the CRA at 1-800-959-8281. You can also fill out Form RC325, Address change request and send it to your tax centre

You can change your marital status online by selecting “Change my marital status” in My Account, by selecting “Marital status” in the MyCRA mobile web app, or by selecting “Update marital status” in the MyBenefits CRA mobile web app. You can also contact the CRA by phone or fill out Form RC65, Marital Status Change and send it to your tax centre.

Find the amount and date of your benefit and credit payments by logging into My Account or the MyBenefits CRA mobile web app. Make sure you do your taxes on time and keep your personal information up to date to continue to receive your payments without interruption.