Givens LLP Full-Service Accounting Firm


Givens LLP is here for you. Not only do you have a team of professionals supporting you, but you'll have an entire firm with 75+ years of experience lending a hand. Our advice is data-driven, strategic, and tailored to your goals. The result? Improving accuracy, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

With Givens LLP in your corner, you'll have access to our expert team to advise you on when to buy, sell, and how to grow with a clear vision for the future.


For accurate data, you need accurate inputs. Our team works with you to get your books and processes up-to-date. Plus, data entry and completeness checks save you valuable time to instead focus on growing your business.

  • Real-time profit and loss tracking
  • Balance sheets
  • Payroll management
  • Bill payment solutions
  • On-going bookkeeping support
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial updates
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Tax Compliance

When you know you’ll be filing every year, it pays to have a team that focuses on proactively planning how to minimize tax. Through conversation and ongoing planning, we're better able to identify tax deductions and saving strategies to help keep a bit more in your pocket. We help you avoid costly reassessments with the CRA and can help you navigate their ever changing tax laws.

  • Corporate tax return filing
  • GST filing and tax slips (T4s, T5s, T3s, T5018s, etc.)
  • Audit protection and CRA support
  • Management of corporate tax accounts and payments


Our CFO-level solutions are designed to strategically grow your business. As your Chief Financial Officer, we manage the numbers and advise you on how to build profitability for your business quickly, effectively, and with the same care that we’d treat our own business.

  • Business scorecard
  • Strategic planning session and business roadmap
  • KPI measurement with executive level reporting
  • Cash flow projections and analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting
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Audit & Review

Givens LLP examines your financial statements in one of two ways. An audit or review engagement is the first step in securing an external opinion on your company’s financial information. With numerous years of experience, we know exactly how to review and audit your company while providing you with recommendations that will help facilitate you meeting your business goals. A review isn't as intensive, as it focuses more on discussion and analysis of financial information to provide limited assurance that there are no material misstatements that need to be made to the financial statements.

  • Financial Statements
  • Internal controls assessment of key business operations
  • Business risk assessment
  • Key findings report with action plan
  • Forensic accounting

Dedicated Support Team

Tired of chasing your own tail? That feeling of never getting ahead happens when business owners try to handle every financial obligation alone. We help you avoid the headaches involved with balancing your books while discovering saving opportunities and help you keep the government happy. Our team are thought-leaders in accounting and taxation and work collaboratively with you to help you put your financial future into focus.

What You Get With Givens LLP:

  • Dedicated bookkeeper with CPA oversight
  • CRA representation for your business
  • Email and phone support when you need it most
  • Tax planning and minimization with a CPA
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Accounting Solutions Designed For Business Growth

Bookkeeping. Taxes. FUTURE+. Assurance.

Find the level of service that makes sense for your business.

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Whether you're just getting started, or only need the basics, there’s no better time than now to set yourself up for success with accurate reporting.

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Take back your day-to-day with a dedicated team that helps you save time so you can focus on your business.

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Ready to run with the big dogs? This is for businesses prepared to accelerate their growth and broaden their vision for the future.

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As your strategic partner, we advise you on how to build profitability for your business with insights where and when you need them most.