Standing Out From The Pack

Givens LLP | August 3, 2022


We’re not the first company to turn to dogs for inspiration.

They are loyal, exuberant, and willing to go the extra mile for you.

As Givens LLP grows, so should the way we communicate with our customers. After all, we’ve learned a few tricks over the years.

A new website means new ways to think about your business.

As a business owner, there are tasks that drive growth and those that keep you stuck in the day-to-day. Wouldn’t you rather go down those paths that bring you opportunities for greater revenue?
It’s tempting to want to do it all, and maybe you’ve tried! But without the necessary experience, a hands-on approach to accounting not only stops you from growing but it can introduce costly errors.

Payroll remissions? Missed deadlines? Improperly filed tax forms?
These could cost you thousands—all while you're taken away from your role as a company director.

What’s New?

With your future in focus, here’s what we do (and do very well):

Bookkeeping - We can get your books cleaned-up and organized using leading-edge cloud-based accounting solutions.

Tax - Our experts minimize tax returns and maximize tax breaks all while keeping your filings compliant and up to date.
FUTURE+ - For customers of both bookkeeping and tax services, we offer value-add programs that help refine your fiscal vision and open new paths to greater profitability.

Assurance - For audits and more, you will have a whole team working to give you professional assurance.

How Is Givens LLP Different?

Any old person could balance the books, but it takes a keen eye (and nose) to find growth opportunities for scaling companies. That’s the core of our partnership model—handing you the leash so you can run with your business, not just walk it.

We don’t wander when the gate is left open. Your growth and profitability is our top concern.

With dedicated teams of experts, we are uniquely positioned to help you in the following ways:

  1. We empower entrepreneurs and business owners like you to build scalable, profitable businesses with timely financial insights and actionable advice.
  2. We are a full-service team that listens, learns, and understands the unique challenges you face and provides innovative accounting solutions.
  3. Need a CFO or Business Advisor? Look no further. We are your strategic business partner that is focused on building profitability for your business and wealth for yourself.

Accounting in Edmonton is our way of life.

Every dog needs a job, and ours is building your legacy with future focused accounting. We specialize in scaling operations, long-term fiscal planning, business advisory, and everything in between so you can grow confidently.

Whether it’s securing the cash flow for an expansion or streamlining your operations to navigate a curveball of a year, your future is our focus. By your side, quarter after quarter, year after year.

How do I learn more?

We’re glad you asked.

Head on over to our contact page, where we’ll be happy to connect further and provide you with more information on how we can develop your business together.

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