Restrictions Exemption PROGRAM

Givens LLP | November 26, 2021


Dear Clients,

The Alberta Government has implemented a new grant - Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) Implementation Grant

What is it?
A one-time grant for $2,000 to help businesses with the costs associated with enacting the restrictions exemption program.

Important dates:
Nov 16, 2021 – Application process opens, the grant is first come first serve, so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

- Need to be an eligible “in-scope operator” (primarily businesses providing food, liquor, entertainment, recreation/fitness services)

- Implement and enforce the REP by checking vaccination status, test results or medical exemptions for individuals 12 and older
- Permanent business in Alberta

- No more than 500 employees

How to Apply:
1) Read the provided guidelines
2) Create/Have a MyAlberta Digital ID account
3) Apply online