Farha Kharadi



Firm in her belief that everyone (yes – even number-crunching accountants) can be as relatable, personable and caring as family, Farha Kharadi approaches each new client challenge with intense optimism and the desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Her eight years of experience as an assurance and auditing specialist favours her the unique vantage point from which to identify new pathways to success with emphasis placed on personal tax returns, review engagement and audits.

In addition to a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Accounting major from MacEwan University, and a Chartered Professional Accounting Designation from CPA Alberta, Farha possesses an extraordinary collection of souvenir coffee mugs from her many travels, and a stirring curiosity which fuels her passion to learn and grow with each new experience.

Recognizing that a willingness to commit to the time and effort needed to spread happiness is a cultural trait celebrated by all at Givens LLP, Farha experiences greatest fulfilment when navigating through the intricate puzzle of a client’s account. It is this common trait that drove her to volunteer as Finance and Partnerships Director for the Mosquers Film Festival Foundation, and it’s with a deep commitment to the betterment of all people that continually motivates her to learn all the ins and outs of client business.